Unlawful Activity

Governments around the world are engaging in blatantly unlawful activity against every human on earth. In most Countries, the rights of each human are recognized as bestowed upon every individual person by their Creator.

In the “western” cultures, AKA the land mass referred to as “North America”, employers are using extortion and committing trespass against employees rights to privacy. They are doing this by requiring “screening” to enter the premises’ or facilities, requiring employees to divulge their jabbcination status, or requiring testing if an employee chooses to not share their private medical information with their employer.
(Testing for non-jabbed is equitable to “Guilty until proven innocent”)

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When an employer is given authority to require “mandatory participation” in a medical procedure as a term or condition of employment, we lose every bit of freedom that many countless heroes and martyrs shed their blood and gave their lives for. As we speak, people (Including me) are losing their jobs, their livelihoods, their careers, their homes and more; because their employer is enacting an unlawful policy which cannot be lawfully enforced.

The moment we give authority to employers to dictate that their employee must undergo a medical procedure in order to maintain their employment status, it’s a slippery slope from “testing” and “jabs” into microchipping and…. who knows what is next?
Cybernetic implants?

You may not be affected right now, but rest assured: Many are, and many are losing EVERYTHING they have worked for. In the end, it’s just a matter of time before they come for you and yours too. I take the position that the agenda will be driven from the top down, first affecting federal/crown employees, squeezing these people and professionals into compliance using coercion, threatening to take away their means to provide an income to support themselves and their families. In these circles, coercion is a very effective strategy, since most of these types of careers have a respectable living wage tied to it, and many have benefits package and Pensions. Many people have worked very hard to get where they are, secure the position they have, and are dreadful of the idea of losing it all.

We are seeing this happen now. The groups that were lauded as “heroes” only a short year ago are now being sent home on unpaid leave for a period of time, before having their employment terminated. Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Police, Fire-Fighters; all being ditched for their personal medical choices.

Government workers, and State/Crown owned corporations are using coercion to force employees into giving up their rights to privacy and bodily autonomy. I too am a victim, and now unemployed, with a family to provide for.

Now we will start seeing the tentacles writhe their insidious grip into the smaller pockets of society. Though you may be unaffected now, the squeeze is coming. I am receiving messages from friends and contacts who work for companies and corporations that are not government owned, and they are starting to see the signs of impending mandatory medical procedures coming at them, hard and fast.

I want to help you prepare to take your stand. Only by a massive, organized non-compliance will we see the the medical industrial complex agenda grind to a halt. By making concessions and allowing these unlawful activities to continue, even on the smallest front, we empower them to push their plan even further.

The following points will show how these policies are unlawful, with reference to Canadian Law.

I am using hobo-code to avoid raising flags on this page. I have linked the documents. Please report broken links to the Fork and Torch Society.

Understand that the employers that are enacting their unlawful policies are doing so at the suggestion of municipal/provincial level organizations. There are no laws that supersede the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Bill of Rights, the Human Right Act, or the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act.

Even under a supposed “Emergency Order”, there are no laws that absolve your employer from following the law. In Canada, the “State of Emergency” was rescinded on June 9th 2021.

Stand firm. Be fearless. Hold the line.


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  1. Shawna Post author

    Thank you Sir. I am a single mother protecting an 8 year old pureblood and I’ve accepted that death may be the only way out if freedom isn’t won. Never thought I’d have to fight for freedom or my rights in my lifetime but here we are.

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